What is Creating Spaces?

There is no other way to describe 2017 except for incredible and unprecedented.  Earlier this year, two churches churches in Bixby officially joined congregations, The Crossing and Bixby Christian Church.  It's messy, it's awkward, but more than that it's a beautiful snippet of what God's Kingdom looks like when multiple people from different backgrounds and different walks of life gather together to accomplish Kingdom goals in His name. 

With these new changes with our congregation, we're excitedly looking to creating some change in the space we worship, too.  

We don't believe a church is confined to just a building.  Rather, we believe the building is a tool that should be used to reach out to people.  That's why we want to give the building we love so much a bit of a makeover.  We don't just want a cool-looking building, we want to create space where people can seek and find God in a safe and comfortable environment.

This is a huge and exciting goal, and we want you get involved!